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5 Tips For Finding Investors

Tip 1: Preparation of the investor search When startups start looking for investors, preparation is half the battle. If one pisses in front of investors at an event, the presentation should shortly focus on those questions that interest investors the most. This can vary a bit depending on the startup or sector, but in principle: Is there a market? What makes the startup different or better than others? Is the model scalable? If you get to know potential investors at networking events, ideally the pitch will be even shorter and more precise - the goal is to be remembered for another possible meeting (see below). Part of the preparation is to think carefully about which investors are even suitable. Tip 2: Ask for existing investments It is very important that…
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Startup find investors

For investors, the involvement and financing of startups is part of their daily business. Founders gradually grow into the search for investors. We advise and assist startups with the search for investors up to Series A, hold workshops to transfer knowledge through training and provide founders with platform with virtual labs, online trainings and programs along the investor-readiness process. Growth needs cash If a startup or an SME is doing well and further expansion is needed, it can be difficult to meet the cash needs of the company's own cash flow. Just then, the time has come to look for external funding. However, this project can not be started overnight - the search and preparation require a certain lead time. Alternatives to financing The guarantees given by banks on lending…
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Investors gain and maintain good investor relations work

Companies that use the capital market as a financing channel, be it for equity or debt capital, face fierce competition. There is hardly a business model or industry that would be unique in the world. Investors are more likely to be spoiled for choice. For borrowers, this means they need to promote an investment in the company, communicate with existing and potential investors, and build trust in them. A professional investor relations work contributes exactly to this. Building on our financial market expertise, we pursue a clear advisory approach. As former fund managers, analysts or bankers, we are very familiar with the perspective and requirements of the financial community. Our Offer -IPOs and corporate actions For many companies, the IPO, a capital increase or a bond issue is the goal.…
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