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Investors gain and maintain good investor relations work

Companies that use the capital market as a financing channel, be it for equity or debt capital, face fierce competition. There is hardly a business model or industry that would be unique in the world. Investors are more likely to be spoiled for choice. For borrowers, this means they need to promote an investment in the company, communicate with existing and potential investors, and build trust in them. A professional investor relations work contributes exactly to this.

Building on our financial market expertise, we pursue a clear advisory approach. As former fund managers, analysts or bankers, we are very familiar with the perspective and requirements of the financial community.

Our Offer

-IPOs and corporate actions

For many companies, the IPO, a capital increase or a bond issue is the goal. However, these are not the goal, but only the beginning, namely the beginning of communication with the capital market. The company has to prepare for that. We advise independently of banks and assist with

Issue concept and strategy


project management

Equity story

Press relations

Publications for investors


IR website

Establishment of the IR department (including coaching and training of employees)

Organization of analyst and investor meetings

-Ongoing IR consultation

With our ongoing IR consultation, we support the IR officers and the Executive Board, are sparring partners and relieve the strain on peak days or on special projects.

For the current IR consultation u.a.

Company presentations

Workshops with the Management Board / the IR responsible for the situation on the financial markets and consequences for the own company

Education and training of IR staff

Coaching of management before important events and telephone conferences with the financial community (critical questions and answers)

Advice on and formulation of ad hoc announcements

Creating Q & A catalogs

Preparation for conference calls

-Annual and interim reports

Develop overall concept (messages and priorities)

Time and project planning

Writing texts

Plausibility and quality checks (also of the financial part)

Review the reports for audience suitability

Create lists of critical questions and answers (Q & A) about the reports

-IR Strategy / Equity Story

The term equity story is the translation of corporate strategy into the language of investors, analysts, clients, business partners, employees and the media. It is about the development of market and growth opportunities, competitive advantages, unique features but also the identification of weaknesses and their correction.

The equity story brings to the point briefly and precisely why an investor should buy just this stock. We develop and develop a successful equity story for our clients.

-event management

Annual General Meeting, roadshow, analysts’ conference, accounts press conference, roadshow and one-on-ones. The event management is for companies on the capital market, although daily bread but a lot of time. We organize the events for you and support you before, during and after the events. Each of these events must be carefully planned and prepared.

Advice on the conception and planning

project management

Coaching of the management in preparation for the different requirements of the participants of the events

Question and answer catalogs (Q & A)

Create targeted presentations and speeches

Invitations, publications, press releases

-IR on the internet

Investor Relations on the Internet – the Internet has become the first source of information for the financial community as well. A comprehensive IR internet presence is therefore a must. In addition to equity investors, lenders (such as bondholders, banks) are increasingly calling for up-to-date information about the company and its key data.

The requirements go beyond simply setting up existing documents as print versions. The financiers, but also those responsible in the company itself, a considerable added value created by the possibilities of the Internet. At the same time, routine tasks can be automated, leaving more time for demanding tasks.

Investor-friendly overall conception of the IR internet presence

Support in creating the content

Setting and maintaining content

Regular check for completeness, correctness and timeliness

Suggestions for the further development of the website

-Practice training for IR managers

We offer regular practice trainings on different topics and for different target groups – but they have one thing in common: The content is immediately transferable to practice. More than 15 practical training courses have been completed by over 200 participants from German-speaking countries.

In practical training for IR managers, questions from daily work are taken up and solutions for frequently occurring problems are shown.

The in-depth practice training financial figures deals with procedures of corporate valuation and financial ratios, important for a competent communication.

Customers also benefit from our expertise in financial market issues through training that we tailor to their needs.

Contact us! We will gladly design together with you an individual training program for your specific training needs.

-Perception Studies

The content, scope and expectations of the financial community for IR work are often completely misjudged by companies.

A large number of well-meant and often expensive measures evaporate ineffectively and the development of a coherent IR strategy takes place without deeper knowledge of the expectations of capital market participants. Self-perception and perception of others are significantly different.

Help is provided by so-called perception studies. We design these individually and are specially tailored to the needs of our customers. For example, they contain the following items:

Strategy Analysis (Equity Story)

Expert interviews (analysts, fund managers, etc.)

Practice test (e.g., response, ad-hoc, IR on the Internet)

The benefit for the company is as follows:

Better decision-making basis for strategic considerations

Objective assessment of standing within the financial community

Feedback on previous IR measures

Strengths and weaknesses of the IR work (also in comparison to the peer group)

Quick improvement approaches for daily IR work